Poland Trip Picture

This blog came about when I decided to do a web site just for my wedding work, I soon realised though that it would be daft to not also include the other work I do, if only for the sake of variety!

I have been in a quandary about certain design rules, as this is still work in progress, I cannot say yet what will transpire, but for now if I am including a slide show it will appear toward the bottom of each entry, while a single image will appear embedded in the first paragraph.

There is a lot of recent stuff I could include in this blog and so will be adding selected examples over time as well as all new work I do, having looked back over the last 3 years I am amazed how much work I did for magazines alone, as I write this there are at least another 50 entries I could add and then there are the personal shots and even travel work to think about.

It has been interesting going over archived images and remembering the stories behind each, it is very much like a diary now and I love remembering the back stories, though it has so far taken a week of my life to get just this far with it.

You can also view my images much larger on flickr where the selection is more comprehensive, I use collections to order the work, so go to them if you are looking for something specific.


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