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Fresh Faces 1212

For more info: http://blog.leex.co.ukI recently spent a day photographing an event, I was also interviewed for it and below is the unedited text I supplied them, I don’t know how it will be edited, it rambles and rants a bit, but what the hell, I wanted to get something new online…

You were recently shooting Fresh Faces 2012, how did it go?
It went very well. Quite a long day I guess, so the wine, cava and canapés at the end of the day were much appreciated.

What did you think of the models and the winners Magdalena and Jose Manuel?
Well there were 4 winners including the Revlon award, I think it was a split of classic models in one category and perhaps edgier ones in the other, All in all a good looking bunch and very friendly.

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Joanna Mills, Irish Runner

In the run up to the Olympic games in London I got a call from a guy who I had worked with in the past, he is a sports journalist and the last time we met was at the Marathon in Barcelona where he was helping to promote the marathon in Belfast.

This time he was working on a story about Joanna Mills, a contender to represent Ireland in the 400m  and the relay, there was however a cloud hanging over this because certain governing bodies had made a complete hash of choosing the final team which then led to appeals, so that Joanna and her rival where left hanging as too who would go forward.

Joanna was in Barcelona taking part in an event on Monjuic but it was obvious this mess was hanging over her, but still she was lovely to work with and a great girl. Her father was her manager and minder and he was, let us say, a little more like an attack dog waiting to pounce, but I still managed to get him to hold a reflector and hopefully persuade him my intentions were honourable.

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Mary & Conor Wedding

Location: Blanes, Catalunya.

Organiser: Crystal Events

I hired a cool red Mini, that was great fun once I had worked out how to start the bloody thing!

This wedding had time factored in for bride preparation shots, which I enjoy and it also allows you to get warmed up and flex the ‘photographic muscles’ before the more frantic period of the ceremony. There was a lot of people at the villa which is always good for atmosphere and they were very friendly and a good looking bunch.

This was the first time I met them which is not the ideal scenario, as its good to discuss details and get a feel for things before, also sometimes you need to make clients aware that certain shots need to be prepared, even if it’s essentially a reportage style shoot.

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Emily & Regis Wedding Party

Location: The Forum, Barcelona, Spain.

The pre wedding party for Emily & Regis was in a huge marque situated in the Forum.

When I  arrived I saw 2 ‘tents’ one big and next to it one that was huge, I thought to myself it must be the smaller one, I soon realised it was both, the smaller merely serving as the entrance and changing rooms etc for the various performers.

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Drea & Brian Wedding

Location: Granada, Spain.

A trip to Granada for work. I could not believe my luck and how I got the work was kind of convoluted, I had done a general mail out to agents and 2 months later a message from Angeles of  Alhambra Weddings saying an American couple were coming to Granada to have an informal exchange of vows, had seen my pictures and wanted me to do the shots.

It was a small group and a lovely bunch of people, and unlike most weddings devoid of the usual stress and rushing around, definitely a magical place and perfect clients.

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Kate & David Wedding

Location: Can Tallada, Catalunya, Spain

Organiser: Crystal Events

I love these excursions to nearby towns, there are loads of exclusive locations like this tucked away in corners of Catalunya that are perfect locations for weddings.

Kate and David are from the States and had quite a lot of friends and family over for what was still a very intimate affair.

The light and location were perfect for outside shots and its always a joy to photograph a good looking bunch of people, all in all quite a glamorous event.

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Kate & Nick Wedding

LocationPriston Mill, United Kingdom

A trip to the UK. I love mixing work and travel, having travelled a fair bit the novelty can wear off, but when there is work involved, the element of stress brings back the emotions that I remember. To go somewhere and work. then have a few days for yourself is great; shooting weddings can be very tiring and tense, (a lot of photographers avoid them because of this), you often feel like you deserve the break afterwards, so for me the combination is perfect.

Kate and her sister picked me up from the airport and we went to check the location (Priston Mill, near Bath), they then drove me to my friends house where I was going to stay for a week. This is effectively my home in the UK now, so it was a lucky break to have the wedding so near.

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