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Your Aperture Files Imported into Capture One Pro 8; the Good, the Bad and the Missing

An Aperture file imported into Capture One Pro 8
This is my second article for www.photoapps.expert, This time dealing with what happens to Aperture Library images in Capture One Pro 8, writing these articles has been an enlightening experience and is teaching me to be a lot more methodical, especially when asserting what is or is not possible (I am expecting to get pulled up sooner or later on some glaring error!)

The full Article is here


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Using Aperture Libraries in Capture One Pro 8

Professional Photography in Barcelona

I recently was invited to write about my experiences using Capture One Pro 8 for another site, I was pleasantly surprised and got to work, it turned out to be a lot more work than I imagined as I found I had to be a little more ‘scientific’ in my approach and actually test out things before committing to it to a post!


You can find the article here:

Using Aperture Libraries in Capture One Pro 8 | PhotosApps.Expert.

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Capture One Pro 8; Some Initial Likes and Dislikes

Dona Berges Wearing Oscar Leon DesignsI have started to immerse myself in the programme, but a short trip interrupted the flow and I feel like I almost need to start again!

As an Aperture user in the process of migrating a couple of things I like and dislike have become apparent; If you liked Aperture’s interface then C1 with kind of look similar, but 10 times more complicated, though what I quickly learned is that you can customise it almost completely and I mean way beyond the usual toolbar configuration that is system wide in OS X.

This is really important and such versatility makes the learning curve a little easier as you can, in effect do what you might do with your modern digital cameras interface and hide away anything you don’t want.


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Astypalaea Revisited (or) Trying to Avoid The Bloody Obvious…

Astypalaea Day 21

… I think I half succeeded.

Greece has to be one of those places where it is too easy to slip into shooting what there is, as it is. Faithfully recording rough-hewn houses, fossilised doors, blue domes, endless steps… and cats… and cats… and… and…

I was here 4 years ago and even then felt I was treading a well-worn path, in truth I felt it 20 years ago, when, in Mexico, where I had the first of a series of epiphanies/crises, depending on how I am feeling when I think about it.

And that was in the era of film! Now, asking yourself ‘why take  photo’ is a thousand times more appropriate, so what to do?

Well the last time I did this: The Greek Islands

And this: The Greek Islands, Again

(Maybe I should rename this post ‘The Greek Islands, Again, Again…)

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Castelldelfels, The End Of The Season

On impulse I hopped on a bus near my place and headed out to Castelldelfels.

I have been meaning to go there for a while and a recent wedding in the vicinity reminded me of this.

I arrived and instantly picked up on the holiday town ambiance, Barcelona and even Badalona though having beaches feel like places people live, whilst here it definitely feels more like a resort, maybe a little tacky, but I like it a lot and what I am drawn to, in particular, is the feeling of the ‘end of the season.’

The beach was sparsely populated and  for sure you could still swim, so it felt like the last diehard hedonists or late break holiday makers were clinging on to summer;  I regretted not having my trunks with me, so I could join them.

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The Girl in the Governor’s Tower

¨There is a derelict mansion in Alella, near Barcelona, called El Torre Del Gobernador, it is a labyrinth of rooms and corridors, some painted, vivid, with an obsession for ornament and detail, that is splendid, bordering on vulgar. There are fairy-tail turrets of glazed tiles fit for a Disneyland princess and here is where I photographed Mad, my sometime muse, a multi-undisciplined artist and radio DJ¨.

This was the blurb I added to my Vimity portfolio last night, after one too many cocktails, I wanted to enter it for their competition and I thought a back-story might be fun.

The place is amazing, we first went there last Sunday, but Roger, Mad´s friend, and the guy with a car, was having problems with a lunatic ex-girlfriend that somehow ended up involving the police. We got there quite late and had to be back home at 8pm so we had about 2 hours in which we got 3 different shots done, it did not help that I was having trouble with my radio triggers so was limited in what I could do.

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My New Website

I woke up one morning last week and just erased my old website ( http://leeharris.eu/ ).

I then checked out some templates on WordPress and got to work on a new one. I am not au fait with coding as such, so customising took some time and eventually, in exasperation, got some help from my friend Piper, when it came to sorting out fonts, she is a CSS wizard and in 5 mins did what it might have taken me 5 hours to figure out.

I quite like messing with this stuff though, but if you don’t do it often it is quickly lost to you; whatever I learnt doing this blog is long gone!

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On using retro camera apps on smartphones

I have decided to do a post dedicated to retro style images usually caught on todays smart phones using special apps. I use hipstamatic quite a lot and love the effects it can produce, I started using it maybe 2 years ago? After experimenting I soon found a combination of camera and film type I liked and have stuck with it, I also learned through trial and error what works and what does not, so that nowadays I can usually decided before taking a shot whether the normal camera or the ‘effects’ camera is best suited for the job.

For me there is first the issue of technical limitations, the effects app is fairly limited in its ability to deal with extreme light conditions and does not fair well in overly contrasty situations or where it is too dark. Also there is the subject matter and this is somewhat more subjective but having seen innumerable posts on face book and other places think it is not too hard to figure out what works and what does not.

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Argentina, Chacarita Cemetery, Cap Fed

I returned to Buenos Aires this April after being away 4 years. I was lucky with the weather and on the few occasions I took out my DSLR it always seemed to be perfect, most of the shots here have not had a great deal done to them, the most drastic effect being a tonal enhancement that is apparent in the cemetery shots.

I had taken quite a lot of camera equipment with me because I intended to search out some work or projects to do, but after a lot of inconclusive interviews with wedding planners and a lot more social activity than I expected (yes, there was a girl driving the dream and ironically it was this that may have undone it). I got distracted, which in some ways is a shame, as I am really determined to make my trips pay in some way (especially after the success of the NYC/Ogilvy pictures).

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An Afternoon on Montjuïc

It was a Monday but a national holiday, normally I don’t really take much notice of these, but it was such a lovely day and besides, some idiots thought this would be the perfect time to dig up the road yet again below where I live so I headed for the hills to get some peace.

I spent a few hours there, the walk up is good exercise and the the great thing about Montjuïc is that is one of the few parks in Barcelona that actually has grass so you can lie down and read or have a picnic. It was quite busy but still felt pretty tranquil and I managed to spend some quality time with a good book.

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