Poland Trip Picture

Apartments & Interiors

I love doing architecture and interiors because it is a completely different process to photographing people; each can perhaps act like therapy for the other if you are feeling a little burnt out or jaded.

These pictures were for a friend who wanted to rent his apartment on an exclusive site, I was flying out to Hong Kong the next day but found a couple of hours to do the shots. I was basically left alone to get on with it which is perfect as the therapy of this type of photography is that people are not the subject!

I find I can get into a special zone and the time flies by, just mounting your camera on a tripod makes for a much more considered working method, where you really become acutely ware of every detail and the changing light.

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Anabelle Veritas, a Play

I photographed Julian Wickham for an interview piece and as is often the case it led to the chance to do some more work.

He runs a theatre group ( The English Drama School ) that teaches the craft to both native and non-native English speakers and they actually perform the plays for the public to go see in a very cool space in Barrio Gotico.

I was very happy to have the chance to get involved in this as I used to love doing theatre work back in London, in the days of film.

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UBIS, Geneva

I was contacted by Elena Panizza, head of Brain Bazaar about this job. I was very pleased to be asked, after all, it combined travel and decent renumeration, though, in truth, living in Barcelona means I am no longer sure what that is, as very few here want to spend money on work that might be professional when they can get amateurs for free. But this is not a post about the woes of being free-lance in this otherwise picturesque city.

We spent about a day and a half in Geneva at the new premises of UBIS, a Business University. Basically, the work consisted of an impromptu studio set up, for formal portraits and if time/ weather permitted, some more informal shots of students being, well students.

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Olga & Carlos

These 2 were my old flat mates for about a year, they moved out when Olga became pregnant.

She asked me about doing some photos and I got this idea in my head that was something between a portrait and a still life, I wanted to include a lot of objects that were symbolic and we used my sofa and the coffee table for the arrangement. The photo posted here does not have any of this and is in B&W, I was not so satisfied with the result of the original idea but will revisit them again and see if I can make of them something I prefer.

I was a little unsure about this one at first, but several comments from other people convinced me that it’s actually not a bad shot, this does include some critical comments as well; sometimes having certain people not like something is proof positive that it has merit!

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Home Studio 2

I have not done much fashion myself but years ago, back in London, used to work with a friend who did, I was  doing the post production in Photoshop which was my big obsession at the time, i had taken a hiatus from photography and was working as a designer at a big agency.

I was contacted by Louise who got my number from a mutual friend and she asked if I would be interested, it was perfect timing because I had started to think i would like to try my hand at it and was just looking for a good opportunity.

Originally we were hoping to use a space that belonged to a friend but availability clashed with that of a model she had found so with some doubts I suggested we try it at my place. I had thought it was just going to be 3/4 length shots but as it turned out she wanted full length, bugger!

My walls are an ok shade of off white with is serviceable but the floors are wood and I did not have any real backdrops, not to mind that the space was severely limited.

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Home Studio

Almost all my work involves me going places and photographing people in their homes or somewhere convenient for them.

I have on occasion used my home as a make-shift studio, the walls are of a light enough colour and I can get just about enough distance that shooting portraits wide-open it is possible  blur away the textured surface.

I have included 2 portraits shot like this here, the first is of my friend Jane and it was taken because I had just been to NYC and purchased a new light modifier I wanted to try out, so I gave her a call and took some shots.

The second one is of Marc, this was a commissioned job, he needed pictures for CVs and general online networking sites. The lite panel I had used with Jane was also used in this shot but instead of with a flash shooting through it I had a bright silver cover on it and moved it in and out if the shots changing the fill on the right-hand side of his face.

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Barcelona TV Interview

I got interviewed by a local TV company.

It might seem churlish or fake modesty but I really did not wish for it to happen. A good friend who knows someone there thought it would be a good idea, she is not the vindictive type so I am sure she did it as a favour.

Much like photography for me, there is only one side to be on when a video camera is being pointed somewhere, but this time I bit the bullet and let it be me on the other side.

The odd thing about this interview is that it may have possibly have, in a way,  been my own doing. At the beginning of the year I came up with an idea of photographing people who have made businesses at home or in private apartments and the main TV station here (TV3) started contacting people I had photographed for their own show.

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Michelle Nielsen

Michelle got in touch with me about doing some photos for her CV and publicity. I had photographed her last year for an interview piece so was happy that she came back to me for this work; it meant she must of liked the last shots I had taken, this counts as feedback I guess, which is good to have, as you can be often left to wonder if people like what you have done. often I find out such things months after, when someone else tells you or you find they have got it framed on their wall!

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Jose Montilla

I got a call whilst cycling home from my boxing class with Andrea and it was from Xavier a member of my photography group (Barcelona Raw), he works for a design company.

They needed someone to photograph Mr Montilla the next day for his election campaign in October. The rest of the day consisted of a flurry of emails and phone calls arranging make up and general logistics. I was told they needed 2 or 3 images for the website and publicity and we had maybe an hour to do it.

What transpired was not what I expected, there were a lot of people, perhaps 3 designers from the company, plus Montilla’s retinue, including a handler and I was immediately reminded of Alastair Campbell and thought “uh oh, this could be interesting.”

They also wanted pictures. We went from 2 or 3 to something like 10.

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