Poland Trip Picture

Agata Restaurant

These pictures were for a restaurant that was creating a new website.

I got a call from a girl I know called Freddie, who is a designer and also runs a Meetup group for such people, I sometimes go along as it is a very relaxed social night out, rather than the typical networking events, which always feel a bit false and not unlike how I imagine  speed dating nights might be!

I basically had to get shots of the restaurant and also a party they were hosting.

Shooting a place like this is always going to be a tad awkward if its busy and of course the day I arrived this was the case; I wanted to do HDR postproduction, so ideally needed to use a tripod…

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Quimet i Quimet

This is a great place. Small, intimate with a friendly bunch of people and accommodating owners. It got busy very quickly, I had a strobe right in the corner to add some fill to balance outside light, but the main shots were the food.

I basically took photos of the food before it was devoured by the customers, i would get permission and grab quick shots, everyone there though was relaxed and gracious. The bar is situated in Poble Sec which is an area I would quite like to live in, it has a buzz about it without being at pretentious.

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Casa José

The email I got regarding this place was that the speciality prawn dish cooked on a bed of salt was the shoot needed.

The space was very cramped, it was impossible to use a brolly on the flash fully open, there were all sorts of hot spots with the stainless steel panelling.

Even with a fish eye lens the camera was right up against the back plate and my hand was touching the grill that was getting steadily hotter, this shot was possible because my camera has a flip out LCD screen, otherwise it would have all been guess work, and I would of found it impossible to frame it as accurately as this, which is an uncropped shot.

Normally one tries to get a variety of shots but the place was still closed, without customers and I had to do some other shots that evening, seeing this shot on the LCD though I knew it perfect for what they wanted.

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