Poland Trip Picture

NYC: Back After Three Years, 3 Years Too Long Away…

One World Trade Centre

I am painfully aware of how slack I have been in writing blog posts: but trust New York to cure that.

I am having breakfast in Maybelle’s Cafe in Brooklyn and I am surrounded by industrious people tap-tapping like fiends on their laptops, so out of pure guilt I am endeavouring to do the same.

The weather here has being capricious to say the least, yesterday it was balmy and so I walked from Brooklyn to downtown Manhattan, then headed north, finishing the day having cocktails with my friend Yeesan and eating great Malaysian food at Rasa.

But before all that I had my first full day in Manhattan and thought I should head to see the memorial park for The World Trade Centre. I was not really expecting to be that impressed but actually I was wrong, it has grandeur and the openness of the space is kind of refreshing amongst all the looming towers.

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Astypalaea Revisited (or) Trying to Avoid The Bloody Obvious…

Astypalaea Day 21

… I think I half succeeded.

Greece has to be one of those places where it is too easy to slip into shooting what there is, as it is. Faithfully recording rough-hewn houses, fossilised doors, blue domes, endless steps… and cats… and cats… and… and…

I was here 4 years ago and even then felt I was treading a well-worn path, in truth I felt it 20 years ago, when, in Mexico, where I had the first of a series of epiphanies/crises, depending on how I am feeling when I think about it.

And that was in the era of film! Now, asking yourself ‘why take  photo’ is a thousand times more appropriate, so what to do?

Well the last time I did this: The Greek Islands

And this: The Greek Islands, Again

(Maybe I should rename this post ‘The Greek Islands, Again, Again…)

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Homage to Catalonia? (A Touch of Gaudí in Texas).

The Hemphill House, Interior, Living Room

A little side job I had whilst in Texas (for a wedding shoot) was to photograph the house that Zack built (He was the groom and designed it as well).

I stayed there for about a week and in a few sessions took photos for a book they wanted to make.

It was an enjoyable project; though most of my work is with people (and that is what I like to do most), architecture/interiors is a close second.

What I love most is the change of pace, the thoughtfulness of the exercise. You should use a tripod, not for the obvious reasons, but because it too slows down the process and any excuse for this Zen like approach, in the modern world, has to be cherished.

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From Barcelona to Berlin, Winter 2013

After my first visit to Berlin, just before Christmas I was eager to get back. I felt I had found somewhere I might be able to call a second home and was already thinking of ways to split my time between there and Barcelona.

The second visit tempered my zeal a little just because I was all fired  up only to arrive and find the city hibernating, the only people doing anything, were mostly like myself,newly arrived or visiting.

I too was torn between trying to network and exploring, and the latter probably won out. I was walking 20-30 km a day in the snow taking pictures, exploring, completely content and oblivious to the cold.

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Hong Kong, The Future Now?

For more info: http://blog.leex.co.ukI got the opportunity to return to Hong Kong in September and took it. My first trip there left me feeling similar to how I felt when I first went to NYC; dazed from sensory overload.

In both places I was filled with a manic energy that, coupled with jet-lag, was very enervating; a kind of natural high. In the heat and humidity I was running around and always running on empty, butdared not relax lest I missed something. As a consequence, there were a lot of pictures that, though mostly good, now seem unconnected, with no theme, or thread to hang a story on.

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Hong Kong, Finally, I Make it There

Many years ago, when I was young and living in a little village in the country-side, I dreamt of going to Hong Kong.

I was attending an art college, doing a foundation course, and had this friend who I was secretly, madly, in love with. She had Anglo-Italian parents, had been born in Angola, during the war and then brought up in HK, and was therefore way, way, beyond exotic in my eyes… Wild hair, bright clothes and jangling bangles, she looked like a Spanish gypsy; a force of nature.

Even before this though, I was obsessed with foreign places and always knew I would never stay in the U.K.

In the end I got a passport when I was 17, but only managed to get to London; it would be a couple of more years before I made the first of my great escapes, and until 2012 before I made it to HK.

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Berlin, A Stranger in a Familiar Town

I have been meaning to go to Berlin for years. That it is so close and easy to get to is why I have never managed it till now; that is often the way, because planning big exotic trips to faraway places is always easier because you actually have to plan them, popping over to Berlin is akin to a weekend jaunt and always gets put off.

Luckily for me my friend Yeesan was going to be there and was coming from NYC and I could hardly make excuses to not catch up with her there, even if it was midwinter.

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Castelldelfels, The End Of The Season

On impulse I hopped on a bus near my place and headed out to Castelldelfels.

I have been meaning to go there for a while and a recent wedding in the vicinity reminded me of this.

I arrived and instantly picked up on the holiday town ambiance, Barcelona and even Badalona though having beaches feel like places people live, whilst here it definitely feels more like a resort, maybe a little tacky, but I like it a lot and what I am drawn to, in particular, is the feeling of the ‘end of the season.’

The beach was sparsely populated and  for sure you could still swim, so it felt like the last diehard hedonists or late break holiday makers were clinging on to summer;  I regretted not having my trunks with me, so I could join them.

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Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn

Day 3 in New York, yesterday was Saturday and the weather was great, sunny and whilst hardly mild, nowhere near as cold as the Friday, the day I arrived.

This Sunday was very moody and dark, perfect weather for cemeteries and luckily near to where Yeesan lives is Greenwood which is pretty big and impressive.

I love cemeteries, they are obviously places with the potential for atmosphere, perfect for B&W and this one is not bad for that. It is a place that reminds me more of cemeteries I see outside of the UK; there the ambiance is overgrown and shadowy, often unmaintained, with the sense that not just those buried but the whole place is slowly returning back to the earth.

Greenwood is expansive and not particularly secretive.

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The Holiday

Most of these pictures were taken within a very short time frame.

I found myself along in the house after everyone had headed to the beach and after having taken so many pictures of the gang, especially the kids, using the ‘instant nostalgia’ app on my iphone, I was suddenly taken with how quiet the place was, how the sense of people having left in a hurry, almost like after some disaster, was evident everywhere.

I don’t think I was being morbid, but I did find it very intriguing and promptly did a tour of the environs capturing the mood.

Most of the picture are linked to the ones that follow (except the first and last ones) and I was deliberate in trying to have some kind of element carry over to the next to create a story.

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