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Lea & David Wedding, Misterton, England

After the WeddingAnother month another wedding.

There was an again an American element, The previous month I was in Texas (which will be posted soon). The bride Lea is from the States and her husband is from the UK, I got to do this wedding thanks to my good friend Yeesan who lives in NYC.

Luckily it was very close to my usual base in Bath, so a nice drive through the countryside was one of the perks of the job, as well as getting to stay in the venue for a couple of nights (The Grange, Oborne). All of these elements combined surely represented to the US visitors a bucolic vision of Britain that rarely exists outside of the movies, or period dramas from the BBC.

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Anna & Danny Wedding

For complete story: http://leeharris.eu/blog/

Location: Castelldelfels, Spain.

My first wedding in quite a while.

I had kind of forgotten about this type of photographic work, but when the offer came up I actually put on hold a trip to the south to be able to do it, because A) work had been quiet for a while and so a holiday seemed unearned  and B) I just wanted to do it.

Weddings are one of the more scary types of photography a photographer can do, especially if you are working alone, but also they are by the same degree  exciting, and a good wedding affords the opportunity to do a complete project in a day that might normally takes weeks, or more.

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Aisling & Colm Wedding

This was my first job since returning to Barcelona after being in Buenos Aires for a month. I had been back in the country less than 2 days and was still feeling jet-lagged, luckily this meant that a certain other wedding in the UK on the Friday prety much escaped me even though it was featured in every newspaper and television on the planet.

So, on the Saturday with the what felt like the whole world except me still obsessing about it, I headed to Sitges to do a half day photographing Aisling & Colms wedding.

It was a beautiful day and, as always, I arrived with sufficient time to check out the church and figure out the lighting etc. After  a 20 minute I was finally given access from a caretaker. All was all going to plan except that he let me set up on a balcony overlooking the aisle and altar only to then be told by someone else that access to that area was not permitted, which kind of messed up the possibility of some nice shots, I was also beginning to suspect this guy might not be sharpest tool in the box.

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Caribbean Wedding

Location: Tobago.

A wedding in Tobago. I was not working, but I was the Best Man and I have a dread of public speaking, especially when it’s something important like this and  hardly spontaneous.  I had a lot of time to ponder this day and still could not get what I wanted to say written down on paper.

On the day of the wedding, with time to kill (which was probably due to me not carrying out some traditional function of the best man) I found myself gravitating to the room where the bride and brides maids etc were getting ready.

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Mary & Conor Wedding

Location: Blanes, Catalunya.

Organiser: Crystal Events

I hired a cool red Mini, that was great fun once I had worked out how to start the bloody thing!

This wedding had time factored in for bride preparation shots, which I enjoy and it also allows you to get warmed up and flex the ‘photographic muscles’ before the more frantic period of the ceremony. There was a lot of people at the villa which is always good for atmosphere and they were very friendly and a good looking bunch.

This was the first time I met them which is not the ideal scenario, as its good to discuss details and get a feel for things before, also sometimes you need to make clients aware that certain shots need to be prepared, even if it’s essentially a reportage style shoot.

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Emily & Regis Wedding

Location: Parador Cardona. Catalunya, Spain.

This location has to be the grandest I have attended for a wedding in Spain. I arrived the night before and stayed 2 nights in the end. I was working for 14 hours and knowing my bedroom was 2 mins away was a big plus, as was the real French Champagne that awaited me once I had finished working!

Emily and Regis are a lovely couple and their families represented a multitude of countries including France, Switzerland and Catalunya. The preparation time was particularly touching, it started early and did not consist of a bevy of friends but was intimate and the nervousness was palpable, they also got dressed together so despite the extravagance and roll call of important and exotic guests it was really quite informal.

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Emily & Regis Wedding Party

Location: The Forum, Barcelona, Spain.

The pre wedding party for Emily & Regis was in a huge marque situated in the Forum.

When I  arrived I saw 2 ‘tents’ one big and next to it one that was huge, I thought to myself it must be the smaller one, I soon realised it was both, the smaller merely serving as the entrance and changing rooms etc for the various performers.

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Drea & Brian Wedding

Location: Granada, Spain.

A trip to Granada for work. I could not believe my luck and how I got the work was kind of convoluted, I had done a general mail out to agents and 2 months later a message from Angeles of  Alhambra Weddings saying an American couple were coming to Granada to have an informal exchange of vows, had seen my pictures and wanted me to do the shots.

It was a small group and a lovely bunch of people, and unlike most weddings devoid of the usual stress and rushing around, definitely a magical place and perfect clients.

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Roisin & Philip Wedding

Location: Mass Col, Catalunya, Spain

This was a high jinx wedding. Form the inauspicious start when all the guests were trapped on the motorway when the coach broke down. We who were waiting on them were hanging around getting nervous as vague updates only confused as more.

But, as is often the way, these little problems actually make for a better atmosphere; adversity bonds people and as it was not so grave actually heightened the emotion and excitement once the event got started.Things were a little more hurried but it was a kind of breathless excitement more than panic.

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Charlotte & Nico Wedding

Location: Poble Español, Barcelona, Spain

Organiser: Crystal Events

This was a hit the ground running affair as there was no preparation shots and maybe 30 mins before the ceremony started. The couple were French and Australian and cool to work with. This was another event organised by Crystal Events, Laura as always had it organised perfectly which is a great boon as the mandatory set up shots need time to do.

The location is interesting as it’s a kind of enclave near Montjuïc that I have never visited before and so close to home that I could have practically of walked home.

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