Poland Trip Picture

A Dogs Story

These images are for a story about dogs and their owners and people who are involved in working with them.

The main picture is of Santi, a dog psychologist, I photographed him in the park, the whole shoot took about 15 mins including tests, I was able to use a reflector which made for a more agile session and I only shot a few frames and knew I had a shot I liked, the one thing you soon learn with digital is that the freedom to shot endlessly means you can spend endless hours editing! I still have the ghost of a film shooter in me and can be quite parsimonious when clicking the shutter, i certainly don’t like continuous shooting asI feel like I am no longer in control, though of course it has it’s uses.

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The Greek Islands, Again

This was the second summer I had spent in Grecce with my friend Andy, last year was with his family and girlfriend, but this year after doing the family thing in July in the Costa Brava we decided to do some Island hopping travelling light.

We started in Santorini which had some pretty towns that were almost antiseptically clean, When we were staying near Oia I was able to walk around barefoot for practically the whole without fear of glass or dog crap, even though there seemed to be a lot of mutts wandering around.

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Angel, Policeman

This was an image taken for a story about people working in Barcelona during the sleepy, sweaty month of August. I think one day i will have to do a self portrait for these articles as I the common denominator in all these pictures!

Angel was a nice guy, his wife is English and they live in a sleepy little town outside of Barcelona, I turned up on a broiling sleepy afternoon and was immediately offered tea.

I decided to take advantage of the quietness of the hour to try something outside, it’s the classic set up of putting the subject in a shadow and then balancing flash with the strong ambient light, in this particular shot I like the strong shadow on the face, but the magazine would of course have chosen something a little more smiley and anodyne.

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