Poland Trip Picture

Christian Schallert

This guy is an Austrian photographer, who has made a success out of postcards and various printed products, a good example of how a business brain probably serves you better than just having good ideas.

I wanted to play around with gels for this and after figuring a place to put him that showed off some of his work (including the T shirt he is wearing). I figured the burned out window next to him would serve for the dead space they need for the interview text, I then set the camera for artificial light and gelled the flash with some CTO ( I have long strips of 1/4 strength which you can fold several times for the desired effect). I wanted the colour contrast on the face to be quite strong, as always these interviews are an excuse to experiment as the money is hardly worth mentioning!

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Heidi Tsai

Heidi was the third person I had to photograph for the integration story, she  lives outside of Barcelona and is a classical musician who has married a Catalan.

Luckily she was going to be at a funfair on Monjuic with her husband and kids, so I decided to try and do shots there. She did not have a lot of time free as it was a family day out so we maybe had 20 mins to take a variety of shots. The light was quite nice at that hour so I had to just had to add some fill with a reflector. I got quite a lot of images in that time that I liked and they worked well in B&W.

She was another example of an attractive person with character who is very easy to work with, no stress.

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Joaquin Beltran

Joaquin Beltran is not Asian but he is a professor of Asian Studies at the University.

This particular is situated outside of Barcelona, maybe not the most pretty places but i like modern architecture because you can play with form and shadow in a way you can’t with classic buildings

I scouted around whilst waiting for him and found this interior space converted into a Japanese garden. it was latish in the afternoon so the sun was skimming across the roofs.

I liked the muted colours we got with the combination of his clothes and the buildings, I used 2 strobes diametrically opposed sometimes with grids and sometimes bare. Usually in post production I tend to soften the quality of digital images, but with this one I used some tonal contrast to increase the hardness and texture, I was particularly keen to bring out the quality of the gravel and concrete of the building.

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Monica Lin

This was the first picture, in a series for an article about integration into Barcelona life for Asian people in general.

I went to visit the restaurant Monica’s parents run one afternoon at a quiet hour, the family were eating lunch but her father got up and insist I try his special green tea from Taiwan he assured me was superior to the usual stuff, being more mellow.

I decided to photograph monica near the entrance because of all the decorations and colour. I wanted to cram the picture with as much as possible, it seemed appropriate for such a cheerful and friendly place.

I left with a gift from the father; a bag of the special tea.

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Roisin & Philip Wedding

Location: Mass Col, Catalunya, Spain

This was a high jinx wedding. Form the inauspicious start when all the guests were trapped on the motorway when the coach broke down. We who were waiting on them were hanging around getting nervous as vague updates only confused as more.

But, as is often the way, these little problems actually make for a better atmosphere; adversity bonds people and as it was not so grave actually heightened the emotion and excitement once the event got started.Things were a little more hurried but it was a kind of breathless excitement more than panic.

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Stephanie, Comedienne

Stephanie was a real laugh, we did a whole bunch of pictures just because it was fun hanging out with her, we even got some cool ones of her doing cart wheels in Raval (see flickr if you are interested.

She is from Canada and discovered a love of comedy stand up whilst living in Barcelona and is a regular at one of the little clubs in Raval.

This image was used by the magazine and I like it too, it screams summer and happiness and I love the colour of the background which was the side of a building covered in that insulation foam. Luckily she had a friend on hand who got to hold the reflector that gives fill to the shadows.

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Charlotte & Nico Wedding

Location: Poble Español, Barcelona, Spain

Organiser: Crystal Events

This was a hit the ground running affair as there was no preparation shots and maybe 30 mins before the ceremony started. The couple were French and Australian and cool to work with. This was another event organised by Crystal Events, Laura as always had it organised perfectly which is a great boon as the mandatory set up shots need time to do.

The location is interesting as it’s a kind of enclave near Montjuïc that I have never visited before and so close to home that I could have practically of walked home.

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