Poland Trip Picture

Josep Oliver, Private Detective

When Nicola, the writer, told me about this guy I knew he would be fun to meet. The idea of private detectives always comes with iconic images, be it a laconic Humphrey Bogart or something more modern and invariably sleazy.

He generously offered to pick me up in his car though the office is nearby, I was half expecting to be sat amongst food wrappers from long night stakeouts and sinister surveillance equipment, but no, a modest car, moderately clean.

He was an interesting guy, very amiable and full of enthusiasm. And yes there was the whiff of secrets and things best not discussed, ongoing cases, hints of how much work there is dealing with cheating partners. One might assume being a private eye would leave you jaded if so much of your work involved uncovering the lies of others, but he was not like that at all, there were several affectionate references to his wife (she said he ought to wear a suit, even though it was sweltering out) and all in all I got the impression of someone loving their life and loving their work.

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Emily & Regis Wedding

Location: Parador Cardona. Catalunya, Spain.

This location has to be the grandest I have attended for a wedding in Spain. I arrived the night before and stayed 2 nights in the end. I was working for 14 hours and knowing my bedroom was 2 mins away was a big plus, as was the real French Champagne that awaited me once I had finished working!

Emily and Regis are a lovely couple and their families represented a multitude of countries including France, Switzerland and Catalunya. The preparation time was particularly touching, it started early and did not consist of a bevy of friends but was intimate and the nervousness was palpable, they also got dressed together so despite the extravagance and roll call of important and exotic guests it was really quite informal.

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Emily & Regis Wedding Party

Location: The Forum, Barcelona, Spain.

The pre wedding party for Emily & Regis was in a huge marque situated in the Forum.

When I  arrived I saw 2 ‘tents’ one big and next to it one that was huge, I thought to myself it must be the smaller one, I soon realised it was both, the smaller merely serving as the entrance and changing rooms etc for the various performers.

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Michelle Nielsen

Michelle got in touch with me about doing some photos for her CV and publicity. I had photographed her last year for an interview piece so was happy that she came back to me for this work; it meant she must of liked the last shots I had taken, this counts as feedback I guess, which is good to have, as you can be often left to wonder if people like what you have done. often I find out such things months after, when someone else tells you or you find they have got it framed on their wall!

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Kiely Sweatt

Another interview shot, this is my personal choice and as if often the case I make a point of shooting some frames composed the way I want. In this example I was experimenting with this particular cameras ability to let me use different formats. I love the square format, a hangover from my days of film and medium format cameras.

Kiely is an interesting character, she runs a poetry group with a twist, they create a bordello type event called The Poetry Brothel. I got talking to her and now have in mind a personal project photographing these guys with an eye to possible magazine articles. I like the idea of a slower way of working, hopefully shooting the people concerned over a longer period of time more or less as individual shoots.

This picture is not the one used by the magazine but the essential lighting is the same, I liked the ambient light and did a gentle fill with a flash and brolly. The other thing I liked was the kooky mix of stripes and spots, maybe something one tries to avoid in fashion but it appealed to me for this image, also we wanted a portrait of her looking totally different to her alter ego at the Poetry Brothel.

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