Poland Trip Picture

Airport Architecture

I love photographing modern architecture and whenever I am in an airport I often find plenty of inspiration, they are invariably modern, spacious and well lit.

Of course it is not always that easy these days to take photos, the usual idiotic response from officialdom is that when they see a ‘pro’ type DSLR you can bet taking pictures will be risky, this it is of course daft because most compacts and camera phones are more than capable of capturing good images; most of these were shot using a compact Lumix that happens to have a wide angle lens and gives good results.

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This is for the December issue of a magazine, and the article is about the tradition of Pessebres here in Catalunya, traditional nativity scenes which also often include the Caganers which did not feature in this particular article, but if you don’t know what they are, look it up, it might seem outrageous at first but trust me it is totally legitimate  and very traditional.

Back to this story then. I did 2 different shoots one was at a workshop where people make the scenery for the Pessebres and will have an exhibition of their finished pieces in December, due to deadlines for the magazine I arrived when it was still early days so there was nothing to see in the way of finished work, but still it was a fun evening, the people very accommodating and as always here in Spain/Catalunya it is always a pleasant surprise to see old and young together that is maybe not so common in the UK.

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Susie Hunt

I met Susie (a pet psychologist) near the beach on a really lovely day. She was with a clients dog called Molly who was quite good fun and was pretty easy to photograph if I called her name or waved a treat just out of camera shot.

I wanted to find a place where there would be  a background not too complicated so they can run the text, I was thinking of using the sea but at that time of day the areas of shadow near the sea were limited and when we were walking through a park I was taken by the colour saturation of grass and sky, there was a very hyper-real thing to everything.

In the end we found a Willow tree that gave some shade, though a quite strong wind meant the branches were all over us and playing havoc with the brolly on the flash, also Susie had to trap a large palm frond under her foot (just out of shot) and I was being attacked by another one behind me!

Getting a shot I liked meant trying to get the sun to act as a hair-light,  it was flaring directly in to the camera because of the wide angle lens but I quite like some flare at times so did not worry too much.

All in all an easy shoot with a nice person and I got to ride home along the beach enjoying a fantastic day.

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Agnés, Illustrator & Graphic Artist

Here is an image I did for a personal project about artists and scientists. I imagined this would be a pretty straight forward project to do, as I had a clear idea of what I wanted and the style to shoot it.

This is not, however panning out quite as I imagined. One issue was maybe a slightly romanticised idea of what artists studios/workspaces would be like, attendant to this is the quality of the light, obviously people like Agnés use computers a lot, so don´t have a great need for beautiful diffuse northern light.

I won´t discuss the issues of photographing scientists here.

So, I may have to rethink how to shoot these portraits, maybe forgoing the natural for something much more stylised and controlled. I have done quite a few images like this in the past and I may post them to demonstrate what I mean.

Anyway for now I put this image up because it´s a good one of Agnés, she a very nice person and I think it shows.

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November Magazine Cover

I just saw this on the website and was quite pleased.

I had sent them a selection of images, including a couple of B&W I had done for myself that I did not expect to used. I shot them like this because I was revisiting a style of lighting I had played around with years ago back in the days of film, I had been studying lots of photos shot in the 50s and 60s of film stars and wanted to try something similar, there was one particular shot I did of a friend wearing a suit which was definitely in my mind when taking this one.

Another thing is that this shot is a quite ‘hard,’ in that he looks rather angry when in fact he was very friendly. I wonder if the recent trouble with the finances of Barcelona Football Club and the upcoming Catalan elections affected the choice, because he definitely looks in combative mode.

I have now seen an actual copy and was disappointed in the print quality, way too dark and ´muddy,´it looks much better here, well,on my monitor anyway.

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