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Los Galgos

Los galgos is Spanish for greyhounds and SOS Galgos is an organisation run by Anna Clement, from the veterinary practice she manages for her husband. The story of what really happens to greyhounds bred for sport is pretty sad; they are usually ‘put down’ after 2-3 years of racing. I recommend going to the site to learn more.

Anna is based outside of Barcelona and I had a relaxing journey using the trams than run along The Diagonal, these trams are a great way to get around, all the views of a bus and the convenience of the metro.

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Ogilvy, NYC

I was lucky, through my friendship with Yeesan, to get access to the Ogilvy building in Hell’s Kitchen, an old chocolate factory near the river.

Yeesan worked on the refurbishment, she works for Gensler. Her contact there (Cynthia) was great and very helpful, though, I suspect she thought I might be slightly mad when I suggested doing some roof shots (it was around  -7º with a fierce wind; she may have been right).

I am very interested in photographing architecture and that, of course, is as much about interiors as it is exteriors; It is an interesting discipline, I have learnt a lot about what is acceptable, for examples I have a few shops here that use acute angles and shot looking down which might not work with in the stricter world of architectural photography.

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Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn

Day 3 in New York, yesterday was Saturday and the weather was great, sunny and whilst hardly mild, nowhere near as cold as the Friday, the day I arrived.

This Sunday was very moody and dark, perfect weather for cemeteries and luckily near to where Yeesan lives is Greenwood which is pretty big and impressive.

I love cemeteries, they are obviously places with the potential for atmosphere, perfect for B&W and this one is not bad for that. It is a place that reminds me more of cemeteries I see outside of the UK; there the ambiance is overgrown and shadowy, often unmaintained, with the sense that not just those buried but the whole place is slowly returning back to the earth.

Greenwood is expansive and not particularly secretive.

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El Prat, Terminal 1

I was flying to New York.

You cannot help but feel exited by such a journey, it is true for me that nowadays most flights are pedestrian affairs, not really much to get excited about, but being in this sparkling new airport at dawn flying to NYC is something special.

Though I do think someone should point out to them that the name is perhaps not the best one they could have come up with; I can just hear the snickers of the Brits ringing around that cavernous space.

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Marcela Diaz, Trapeze Artist, Acrobat

I was looking forward to this shoot as I fully expected there to be a chance to get some action shots, which makes a change from the more common portrait photos this job requires.

I have in mind a couple of projects as well where I want to work with people in dynamic, athletic situations and have a lighting style I want to refine to this end. So this was the perfect chance to play around.

I instantly liked Marcela, she is Argentine, from Buenos Aires, where I lived for over 4 years and loved, so that definitely endeared her to me.

I really would love to do some more pictures like this, as always, you look at them afterwards and realise what could be improved. She was often quite high up and that presented some lighting problems, but lent itself to dramatic angles and I see now some alternative ways to approach this kind of shot.

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Barcelona Classic Car Show

I was invited to go along to the Barcelona Classic Car Exhibition on Sunday and being at a loose end thought it might be fun and yield some interesting pictures.

I decided to also take along my fisheye lens because I have a theory that old things, be they buildings, or even, I was soon to discover, cars, sometimes make for interesting subjects when using this particular and peculiar lens.

I soon learned after buying it what the limitations are, modern perpendicular architecture or anything consisting of straight lines usually just looks wrong, but anything made of curves or fluid lines can sometimes work; in NYC I thought the interior shots of Grand Central Station near the Oyster Bar worked well as the sweeping curves of the ceiling did not look so exaggerated and, I believe, more faithfully reproduced the way our eyes see them, or at least how we remember them.

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Britt Bohannan Arechiga

A possible interview piece, Britt got access to a motorbike shop Aprimoto because the owner (Josep Acriz) is a friend, he was also very helpful and patient, so a big thank you is merited.

Britt has riden and raced professionally for many years and is considering doing some more now she is living here. She also has written articles for magazines reviewing bikes and we are thinking of possible collaborations in the future.

The usual technical problems with a shoot like this revolve around limited space, a very low ceiling and a showroom full of shiny reflective bikes and using flash that will always spill to a degree.

One likes to avoid as much post production as possible but this shoot did need some heavy vignetting to kill off all the distractions.

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