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Aisling & Colm Wedding

This was my first job since returning to Barcelona after being in Buenos Aires for a month. I had been back in the country less than 2 days and was still feeling jet-lagged, luckily this meant that a certain other wedding in the UK on the Friday prety much escaped me even though it was featured in every newspaper and television on the planet.

So, on the Saturday with the what felt like the whole world except me still obsessing about it, I headed to Sitges to do a half day photographing Aisling & Colms wedding.

It was a beautiful day and, as always, I arrived with sufficient time to check out the church and figure out the lighting etc. After  a 20 minute I was finally given access from a caretaker. All was all going to plan except that he let me set up on a balcony overlooking the aisle and altar only to then be told by someone else that access to that area was not permitted, which kind of messed up the possibility of some nice shots, I was also beginning to suspect this guy might not be sharpest tool in the box.

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Argentina, Chacarita Cemetery, Cap Fed

I returned to Buenos Aires this April after being away 4 years. I was lucky with the weather and on the few occasions I took out my DSLR it always seemed to be perfect, most of the shots here have not had a great deal done to them, the most drastic effect being a tonal enhancement that is apparent in the cemetery shots.

I had taken quite a lot of camera equipment with me because I intended to search out some work or projects to do, but after a lot of inconclusive interviews with wedding planners and a lot more social activity than I expected (yes, there was a girl driving the dream and ironically it was this that may have undone it). I got distracted, which in some ways is a shame, as I am really determined to make my trips pay in some way (especially after the success of the NYC/Ogilvy pictures).

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