Poland Trip Picture

Mertxe Hernández

My first interview job since returning from Buenos Aires. Mertxe is a fashion designer whose shop MTX is based in the heart of the Born district, very much a tourist magnet and set up to entice them, she told me when she first set up shop there, over 10 years ago, it was very different, her street was a narrow little alley in a humble barrio, then they widened it and gentrified the place, she is not complaining, even if every other customer is just asking directions to the Picasso museum.

I did not really notice till I saw a shot on the back of the camera that she looked just like Penelope Cruz. It gave me a bit of a shock, a pleasant one obviously…

The set-up was a little tricky, as I wanted to get the mirror in to show the space, but because the shop was so narrow, keeping me and the main light out of view called for some uncomfortable positions and wedging the flash umbrella into a changing room that it kept trying to pop out of.

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