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Barcelona TV Interview

I got interviewed by a local TV company.

It might seem churlish or fake modesty but I really did not wish for it to happen. A good friend who knows someone there thought it would be a good idea, she is not the vindictive type so I am sure she did it as a favour.

Much like photography for me, there is only one side to be on when a video camera is being pointed somewhere, but this time I bit the bullet and let it be me on the other side.

The odd thing about this interview is that it may have possibly have, in a way,  been my own doing. At the beginning of the year I came up with an idea of photographing people who have made businesses at home or in private apartments and the main TV station here (TV3) started contacting people I had photographed for their own show.

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Paolo Guidoni, Opera Singer

Paolo is one of those people you just get on with. I went there with an idea to experiment with a lighting effect that would give me an almost painterly effect; quasi Renaissance perhaps. As a result I fluffed around a little experimenting with different things, but Paolo was very patient and amenable.

I photographed him in the building where he is setting up a new company that will be  mounting productions, they have a nice sized space and a stage and I look forward to seeing productions there. I love the way it is situated in a quiet side street in El Born and from the outside you would have no idea just what was going on in there.

The effect I got was by using 2 lights on the same stand, one with a brolly and the other above with a warming gel on a bare head, for the background another was used to pick out the details of the stair case which I liked as it almost looks like a stage set. Unlike a stage set I could not control the comings and going of people, sure enough when you want to start taking pictures, your supposedly deserted location turns into Piccadilly Circus.

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