Poland Trip Picture

Hollis Duncan, Bike Cross

This photo is an example of me having an idea in my head and striving to make it real. I have probably said before, that one does not do these interview pieces for the money, but they, at least, give you pretty much free reign to do as you please.

I had an image of this shot in my head and basically I nailed it.

I needed the ambient light to be close to sunset to paint in the background and then i used 3 flashes to get the effect I wanted, I had quite a lot of gels on the 2 main lights which was set up co axially at a point that Collis would cycle through pretty fast, on the camera I had a ring flash to add some fill. Doing a shot like this means you get one shot each time he passes so timing is pretty important, I prefer to work like this anyway, having a motor drive going always makes me uncomfortable as it can run away with you and also I think there is some atavistic reaction from the analogue days of burning through too much film. This picture is not cropped and is one of quite a few that I would be happy to use in portfolio.

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